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Handcrafted Wall Decor - "Spirit Skull" Made in the U.S.

Handcrafted Wall Decor - "Spirit Skull" Made in the U.S.

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Early tribes such as the Balinese indigenous people and the Native Americans believed that nothing should go to waste. So when they hunt for food, every part of the animal is used in something meaningful; may it be for food, shelter, clothing, or sacred relics, everything is used up. Since these animals provide so much for their daily living, they are highly respected and treated as sources of life.

We pay tribute to these beautiful animals with this 36" x 22" wall piece we call "Spirit Skull" that is created using inlaid woods such as maple, holly, dyed kodo and cypress. It is framed in solid sepele with lock miter corners.

We are working with wood so each piece will vary slightly depending on grain, no two will be exactly alike. It will make a great addition to your home or office.

Available in other sizes, please contact us for details.

Each piece is made to order and production time is 2 weeks from date of order. Shipping is within the U.S. only. Please see our shipping policy.



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