If you are an entreprenuer or product designer looking to improve your brand quality and expand your product catalog; please give us a moment of your time. We are branching out further into the seller's market, matching our skills with creative entrepreneurs interested in bringing back old-world quality and craftsmanship.

We love working with our hands and crafting 100% of our products right here in the US while sourcing our materials responsibly, without foreign supply chain issues.

Our specialty is marquetry and inlay, using the finest and most popular woods to manifest ideas into heirloom quality gifts and products that can last generations, all at reasonable prices. Our work has been commissioned by celebrities and featured internationally in film, gaming, jewelry, entertainment, and many other popular industries. Now our skills are accessible to you and your brand.

Let us work with you to create and develop products that can take your ideas and business to the next level. Quality takes time and discipline. We've worked hard to develop our abilities to deliver on this without compromise, so you can focus on building your brand and growing your business. Build something you can stand behind with a partner that guarantees quality work.

Give us a call to toss around some ideas or simply chat about the possibilities.

Phone: 918-381-4447
Address:  4144 S. 70th E. Ave.  Tulsa, OK. 74145