For items that show free shipping and weighs less than 1 lb (16oz) it will ship USPS first class which takes 3 to 5 business days.  If you need your item sooner, we  offer Priority mail and Express mail (overnight).   Either of which you can upgrade to upon checkout. 


If your item is over 1 lb, it will go USPS or FedEx home delivery,  priority mail is 1 to 2 days FedEx home delivery is around 3 days.  Express mail is available for items over 1 lb  but will be quoted per order.


Once the package leaves our facility we have no control over actual delivery times.  They can vary by a day or two.  If you requested express shipping and did not receive it in time, please let us know and we will file a claim with USPS and request a refund for you.  We will provide you with a tracking number once it leaves our facility.


If you received a package damaged, it is your responsibility to file a claim with the carrier.  We will provide any information necessary for that process, just contact us and let us know what you need.


We do not ship UPS unless requested and the customer has a UPS account it can be charged to.


OVERSEAS SHIPMENTS:  Currently we are not shipping overseas due to the new import requirements by the EU.  We apologize to our overseas customers for this inconvenience.

Warranties and Refunds

All products

Manufacturer's warranty and Refunds
MWB Studios products are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase to be free of manufacturing defects and deficiencies, subject to normal usage conditions and adherence to the instructions for use recommended by MWB Studios.

In the event that the product needs to be repaired during this warranty period, the repair will be handled by MWB Studios (parts and labor), providing that:

  • The product has not been subjected to shock, immersion, etc. This includes product being dropped. This is considered shock. 
  • The problem has not been caused by inappropriate handling or failure to maintain the product. Damage to finish due to excessive heat, moisture or intense lighting – wood does not respond well to these conditions.
  • The product has not been modified in any way from its original condition.
  • The product has not been repaired in any way by any after-sales service center other than MWB Studios.


If a service is required the customer should contact MWB Studios at 918.381.4447 or email michael@mwbstudios.com.   If sending your product to us for evaluation please contact our office for shipping instructions.

Your product should be protected to prevent any additional damage during shipment. We suggest you send your product to us by a trackable means.  We will not be held responsible for product that has not been received by us. It will help the technician if you can describe what issue(s) you are having. Please include a contact telephone number and email address so we can communicate our findings with you. A copy of the warranty card and sales receipt should be included in repairs being considered under warranty.

For claims It may be helpful to send images of your defect/issue prior to sending in your product.

My MWB Studios product needs repairing. What do I need to do?
Whether the problem you are experiencing with your MWB Studios product is covered under warranty or not, please contact us for shipping instructions.

 If the product is under warranty, you should also enclose your completed warranty card and proof of purchase. We strongly suggest that you send your package using a tracked courier service.  We cannot be held responsible for the loss of your package if you use a delivery method that does not include package tracking. A detailed note about your problem and contact information should be included.

OK, I sent in my repair, now what happens?
Upon receipt and after examination:

  • If the defect is covered under warrantee: a repair will be carried out at no charge.
  • If the defect is not covered under warrantee: a quotation stating the cost of the repairs will be sent to you by email or letter. We will only carry out the repairs after you have accepted the quotation and provided payment information.

Is there an after-sales guarantee?

MWB Studios after-sales department guarantees any work done for twelve (12) months, both parts and labor, from the date that the item leaves our repair department.

What happens if my product cannot be repaired?

If, after examination, it is decided that your product cannot be repaired, you will be sent a letter explaining the fault, together with your product in its present condition. 



We will refund any purchase of stock items within 30 days of purchase if the item is returned in like new condition.  Refunds are not available on custom one of a kind products that have been personalized or altered.  If there is a defect in the product or it does not function as is should, we will repair or replace the item at no cost to you. 


Privacy Policy

Use of your information

MWB Studios is committed to protecting your privacy.  We do not take credit card information over the phone all financial exchanges are done through a third party Pay Pal who is the only one that will have your card information.


We also do not share, sell or trade your personal information such as address, name, phone, email or any other similar data.   We will use your name, phone number and address for shipping purposes only.   


If you wish to be kept up to date on new products, sales and specials, you can sign up on our contact page to receive such notices.