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Inlaid Handcrafted Jewelry Box - "Art Deco 2" Made in the U.S.

Inlaid Handcrafted Jewelry Box - "Art Deco 2" Made in the U.S.

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Our art deco box is 9" x 6" x 4" it is made of solid Spanish cedar and the top is inlaid with madrone burl, holly, wene, padauk and walnut. The price includes your choice of quadrant hinges, gold, silver or antique brass and choice of fabric color.

This is a great gift for fathers day, weddings, birthdays, anniversary's or just about any occasion.

Each box will be slightly different because we are dealing with wood grain and burl woods.

This box can also be personalized upon request. Please contact us for information.



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Marquetry is a centuries-old style of decorative inlay where each piece of wood is hand selected, cut, and intricately assembled to create timeless designs made of various all-natural wood varieties.

The value of marquetry is in the time, skill, and knowledge put into each decorative piece. These individual pieces have a unique story and combine natural grains and rich aromas from woods that can sometimes take hundreds of years to develop.

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