Collection: Ukraine relief. Help us help the children and pets of Ukraine.

We are all saddened by the war that is going on in Ukraine and as a result, millions of children have been displaced and millions of loved pets have gotten lost or the families need help with food and care and we want to help.

Our Ukraine box clock is made of solid maple and the top is inlaid with with the blue and gold of the Ukrainian flat with a sunflower the national flower of Ukraine in the center.      The clock is a all metal quality quartz movement with a mineral crystal lens with a waterfall bezel. 

We will donate 75% of our profits on this clock to UNICEF for the children and 25% to Humane Society International.  So 100% of the profits will go to Ukraine relief.  And it's not just for now, even after the fighting stops, it will take years and billions of dollars to rebuild Ukraine and as long as our clock is selling, we will continue to donate 100% of the profit.  

So please help us help Ukraine and the people and pets that have been so affected by this cruel and needless war.